Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Shades Of Green

(la Cour) This was the first song Karissa really wrote for the project. I love the song and still like the orchestration.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Feet Of Clay

(Robb Royer) Another cut from the Finnigan Brothers, this time featuring that most happy felon, Sean, on lead vocal. ‘Feet’ is that song of mine that’s been on the verge of getting a ‘company cut for fifteen years. (Whenever you’re ready, RT!) Quittin’ Time took eight years to find its artist and its recording but this is ridiculous. Oh well, Sean took to it right away. He could relate to the lyrics and did a great job on the song. With all the bands around that claim to be ‘outlaw bands” because they possess a fuzz tone or don’t bathe, Sean makes a ponk out of all of them. But he’s got a great voice, great expression, and having Mike around for harmonies ain’t bad either.

You get words on this one.

"That far away look in your eyes
Is something that I never saw before
Sure ain’t the lovelight I been lookin’ for
Can it mean that you don’t love me anymore?

Just once I’d like to see you cry
Any indication that I’m getting’ through
To touch your heart and make you love me too
That’s somethin’ else I’m never gonna do

Feet of clay up against a heart of stone
Girl, if you don’t love me where’s the threat in saying that I’m gone?
Ain’t no way to ever turn this thing around
Hearts of stone will always wear you down

It just remains to say goodbye
I put my suitcase over by the stair
Hopin’ to God this gives your heart a scare
There’s just one problem, you don’t really care

Feet of clay up against a heart of stone
Every time I touch you it just skins my fingers to the bone
Ain’t no way to ever turn this thing around
Hearts of stone will always wear you down"

Feet Of Clay

Friday, November 4, 2011


(Iceberg/Royer) Coplach arose from a period when Michael and I were doing a lot of writing together. I had to adapt my method of collaboration because Michael Iceberg is not your average songwriter and Coplach is not your average song. We were working, at that time, on the score for a roll-out film for Walt Disney’s Epcot theme park.

Coplach arose from an improv Michael did one evening. I had learned from bitter experience, when I see him heading for a keyboard, run like hell for the tape recorder. After he did the improv, we took the whole thing apart, created a form, wrote bridging material, he would flesh out lines I sang to him, and Coplach is what we ended up with.

Many have asked about the name. We felt it sounded like Bach’s melodic structure with Aaron Copland’s harmonies, hence Coplach. Of course, it’s a play on the word Kreplach which we felt was justifiable since Michael and I constitute one-and-a-half Jews.

The video was shot by Harrison Holmes, Harold Jarboe, Michael Catalano and me at my farm. It was edited by Harrison and Ryan McVay.