About Me

If you’re here at all, I’m guessing you already know I was one of the founding members of Bread, won an Oscar for ‘For All We Know’, yadayadayada.

The real significance of all that is that I’ve been able to pursue the art of songwriting, screenwriting, writing in general, and music production without the ‘starving’ part.

In other words, 95% of everything I have tried has failed, but the 5% has enabled me to keep on trying in comfort, and for that I am quite grateful.

And when I say failed, that only means one thing: it wasn’t picked up by a giant corporation, so the chances are you never got a chance to hear it. Very few of my songs that were actually released have not done well. As I explained in my mission statement, I am totally convinced that most of my best work is basically unheard (except for a small coterie of friends and followers, many of whom you will hear from on these pages).

So thanks to the I-god I can now at least post this stuff for whoever’s interested.

For the record my ‘important’ (that is, moneymaking) work is:

For All We Know Carpenters, Shirley Bassey, over 100 other recordings
(top 5 worldwide single, Academy Award)

Quittin’ Time Mary Chapin Carpenter
(top 5 country charts)

Sold (the Grundy county auction incident)
John Michael Montgomery
(five weeks #1, radio record of the year 1995)

She Knows Ray Charles, The Band

Raise Him Up Randy Travis
(gospel standard, featured song on 2004 Billy Graham tour)

24 Bread Songs (give or take 1 or 2, I’ve lost count)

The best of the rest is here for your revue.