Songs in Alphabetical Order

Angel Mine (Smotherman/Royer)

Boys (M. Finnigan/S. Finnigan/Royer)

Coplach (Iceberg/Royer)

Edge Of Love (Burnette/Royer)

Fade Into You (Faulk/Royer)

Feet Of Clay (Royer)

Gig Bag And Go (Faulk/Royer)

Highway 1 (Fagan/Royer)

If Only For A Moment (Rutherford/Royer)

Kyrie (Cerney/Griffin/Royer)

Least You Could Do (Miner/Royer)

Let Me See The Light (Griffin/Royer)

Like Rain (Lawson/Royer)

Magdalena (Knechtel/Cerney/Royer)

Michael's Song (Royer)

Now That I'm Over You (Rutherford/Cerney/Royer)

Say When (Griffin/Royer)

Set Out To Sea (la Cour)

Shades Of Green (la Cour)

Share This Love (Griffin/Royer)

'Til You Find Your Heart Again (la Cour)

Viva (Willis/Moten/Royer)