Thursday, September 22, 2011

'Til You Find Your Heart Again

(K. laCour) This is the first appearance of a song I didn’t write, only produced.

Karissa was a girl who I worked with for most of the latter 00’s. Broke my heart. I wasn’t a big enough fish to get her signed and, after four and a half years of laboring fruitlessly, she quit the business. Quit! Nobody quits! If you’re in music, you’re supposed to do this until you die! I did! Well… I’m not quite dead yet, but almost. And I’ll guarantee you, I’ll keep going ‘til I am.

Anyway she’s a lovely singer/songwriter and a true original. This is one of the last songs we did together and sometimes I almost think the lyric is to me.

You look to me for rescue
You look to me for healing
You look to me for definition
But I can never do for you
I can never do for you
‘Til you find your heart again

If it is to me, by the way, it’s not entirely true. What I looked to her for was to confidently stand up and be the star her talent demanded but you can tell she was feeling burdened and overwhelmed. The song is probably actually to herself.

Karissa certainly wrote what she knew. As the last songs came in, they were even more heartbreaking cries de Coeur.

I’ll post more of them soon.

'Til You Find Your Heart Again


  1. This young lady DESERVES to have her music heard and it's such a loss that she never achieved that due acclaim. I'm sure you did all you could Robb, but it just wasn't to be. Nevertheless, you COULD try to get her to give it a second go !! I regularly play her music on my iPod - not that that is enough to encourage her, but you never know ;-)

  2. Malcovitch,

    She's in nursing school now. Although this probably still gives her a better chance at a comeback than say, Jimmy or Todd. As always, I'm appreciative of your support but it might take something more like loop play on Geffen's ipod to get her to perk her head up.

    The last thing she said to me was 'I'm 26!' like it was 104. sheesh...